For Freelancers

7 $ month
  • 1GB DDR3/4 RAM
  • 35-50GB SSD
  • 1.5TB @ 1GBPS
  • WINDOWS 2012
  • Blazing Fast Network


For Developers

5 $ month
  • CPU: [email protected] 2.2GHz+
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Speed: 100 Mbit
  • Delivery: Instantly
  • QUARTERLY: $5/m
  • Location: France
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Remote Desktop/SSH Access


For Startups

65 $ month
  • 8 GB Guaranteed Memory
  • 4 Intel CPU Cores @2.0 GHZ+
  • 160 GB Solid State Drive Space
  • 1 Gbps Network Port
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Windows 7 & 10
  • CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu
  • Windows Server 2012 & 2016
  • Windows Server 2003 & 2008
  • Remote Desktop/SSH Access
Windows VPS RDP

Mass Storage Solutions

Provide option to pick datacenter which suite to you. It is not matter whether you are looking for East Coast, West Coast or somewhere else in middle. We provide you perfect data center location for keeping latency rate very low. So, pick your desire data center with cheap Windows Hosting VPS. We provide windows Server VPS service solution ideal for who need mass storage. Provide Virtual server at cheap price without compromising quality.

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Why Choose Us For Cheap Windows VPS

Elite Windows VPS are Powerful SSD Storage Hosting service. Windows Server Hosting provide high performance. Windows VPS Hosting is Ultimate solution for Web, VPN’S, Web surfing, VDI, Game Servers, Proxy’s, Forex (MetaTrader) , SEO tools and Much more. We offer best price Servers.Cheap Windows VPS is simply a powerful computer for web hosting and installing Apps.  We provide VPS with full admin access so, that you able to install any tool on Cheap Windows VPS. We know installing software is very important. Furthermore, windows VPS is much secure.

We like to offer Cheap Windows Hosting service to the world due to the addition of a unique features with control panel. Furthermore, with our windows 7 vps  you can add extra security to VPS as well. It is our goal to provide Best Windows Hosting service to our clients at fair price. Furthermore, you able to manage Windows VPS Hosting via Remote Desktop Protocol. You able to access it anywhere and enjoy high speed internet connection. Furthermore, you able to manage Windows server via Remote Desktop Protocol. You able to access it anywhere and enjoy high speed internet connection.

Windows RDP VPS Hosting features:

Our Cheap Windows VPS Provide many features over other traditional servers. Windows server provide you more computing resources. Also, you able to scale the resources easily according to your business needs.Here Some Features of our windows rdp vps Hosting service are listed below:

Blazing Fast Network Link: Each VPS connected to Blazing fast 1 Gbps Link. Fast speed enable you to upload data without any trouble.

Full Root Access: Root Access provide you full control on Cheap Windows VPS. You able to install tools. Free to use any third party applications, software, game server and forex Traders.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed: We fully monitor VPS performance and make sure 99.99% Uptime. We guarantee your Server will be available 24/7. This feature enable you to run applications all the time without disturbance.

Solid State Hard Drives (SSD): We offer pure SSD windows rdp hosting to you. Our service provide you opportunity to customize resources according to your needs. Our customers prefer windows VPS due guaranteed resources including RAM, 1 Gbps internet link for running Windows Applications.

Remotely Run Windows Tools: Many applications needs dedicated resources with fast internet connection. On our Windows VPS you able to run these type of apps easily. You are free to use install and run Tools like SEO tools, VPN’S, MetaTraders, Web scraper and much more tools.

We have More Extra Features With Cheap Windows VPS!h

Inmediate attention

At EliteWindowsVPS we provide technical support. You will always have someone ready to answer your request via Skype or email ticket.

DDOS Attack Protection

DDoS (Distribute Denial of Service Attack) is harmful for your website. This type of attack can cripple your business, website and vital information. With our CloudFlare service DDos attacks are protected rapidly.

Solid State Hard Drives

We offer Cheap Windows VPS Hosting that meet to your needs. You able to use our windows rdp vps as a virtual Desktop. Our Solid State Hard Drives are perfect.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup refers to backing up all your data on a cloud based server or on remote desktop vps. We provide automatic backup of data Windows VPS Server. In this way your files are protected from disaster.

Blazing Fast Uplinks

Each Windows Virtual Private Server Comes with dedicated 1 Gbps blazing fast link. With our robust 1Gbps connection, you able to upload and download data without any problem.


It is very important for our client to know about the storage technology. We are using Solid State Drives to provide high performance on virtual private server. As SSD helps in improving the operations speed.

Would not you like to have Best Windows RDP VPS at affordable Price without compromising on quality?

Before getting started with cheap windows vps Hosting options you have to read about the working of servers. VPS means the virtualization of several servers at same machine. We not compromise on the quality. We not over load the server. Furthermore, we offer dedicated 1 Gbps Blazing fast internet connection. We get our profit by selling more VPS at low price instead of selling less VPS at high price.

cheap windows vps

High-End Servers


Data security is very essential aspect and good news is that our windows server provide you high security on your data. Your data is completely safe on our windows servers.


Scalability is our top feature. We know business needs change time to time. You able to upgrade your VPS at any time without experiencing any down time.


Remotely Run Windows Apps through our robust and dedicated internet connection. You able to run any windows application on our Windows Server .

Unattainable Promotions

A fair prices

It is our mission to providing high quality windows hosting VPS service at fair price. EliteWindowsVPS offer you best experience cheap windows hosting Service.

99.99% Uptime Guaranteed

We Guarantee 99.99% uptime for all windows servers vps. If any unforeseen event occur your VPS automatically fail and recovered as soon as possible .

Do not think twice

Take advantage of our flexible and cost saving windows server hosting.

Cheap Windows VPS Hosting FAQs

What is cheap Windows Server VPS?

Windows Hosting VPS is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) with Microsoft Windows OS (Operating System). For connecting PC to Windows Rdp VPS You have to locate Remote Desktop in your PC. It can be find on start or search bar In Your PC, Depending on Operating System. After finding and clicking on Remote Desktop Connection you have to put IP, User name and Password. Wait a while. After that you will see new screen of Windows Server on your PC. Furthermore, on our VPS you are able to install any Windows Application due to administrative access. So, no need to worry about application installation. You are free to install application any time on your VPS.

Any particular resources can be added to my cheap windows vps?

Yes, According to your requirement you can request for additional resources including RAM, CPU and Disk Space. All you have to open a ticket and we will add requested resource to your VPS.

Why should I go for Windows Server VPS?

Sure, Windows Server Hosting is for those who need administrative access to a server for installing applications according to their needs. But they are not able to pay for full dedicated server. So, in this situation Windows Server is good choice.

Can I upgrade from my current cheap windows vps Plan?

Yes, all plans are upgradable. All you have to open a ticked and have to request us. You also need to cost difference from you current hosting plan to your next desired hosting plan.

Q: What are the advantages of Windows VPS?

A: cheap windows vps is a product of one famous company in the world known as Microsoft. Furthermore, cheap windows server hosting is sold by Microsoft. The main advantage like by many customers is familiarity with the interface. As most of user already using Windows Operating system on PC. So, it is convenient for them to use Windows 7 VPS or Windows 10 VPS. Mostly People use Windows VPS for installing Windows Applications, Making APS.NET Websites and for related others purpose. I think this is the major reason people choose windows VPS remote desktop.