As an entrepreneur, you may find yourself in the situation of looking for the best plan for hosting your site or why not the best VPS server. No matter what your business is, the site is an important part of success. And to work at optimal speed, the hosting plan on a VPS server is essential.The Best VPS Hosting: The Best Service For Your Site

What are most important thing to consider for choosing VPS for your business?

These days I was extremely, extremely busy, but I also had a few days when I was head-to-head with the sites.

Because my blogging network is starting to ask for a lot of resources, I said it is time to switch from shared VPS. It’s not what you know, but I know I have my IP, I know that I manage my own resources and that I have total access to everything I do.

Besides, there are quite a few moments when I have to set up at home and it’s much more convenient for me to upload files to a server than to bother with mobiles or sticks

1. Choose the Right Provider!

The first step is to find the hosting provider that can give you the perfect VPS for your requirements. Being so many hosting companies can be a real challenge to find the one you need.


In this search process it is important to pay attention to:

A. Customer References

As in any field, customer references can reveal secrets that you could not find otherwise. So, you can look a little about the provider you think is right for you and see what others say about it.

  1. Uptime

It is very important that once you get into the online environment, your business will be visible to others. This way you can choose the provider with the best guaranteed uptime. In general, all providers guarantee a minimum uptime of 99.9%, but you can request a graph with statistics for the past few months.

  1. Support – The quality and the time you are given.

Nothing is more frustrating than to need help and need to wait a long time until you get a response / solution to your problem. Make sure you choose the VPS that comes with 24/7 support and a team that really knows what it is doing. These things you can find, for example, looking for customer reviews.

  1. Ensure VPS resources outline your needs.

The perfect combination of the resources offered by a VPS depends on what kind of site you want to host on that server.

  1. Memory (RAM)

RAM is very important for web servers because all servers use caching methods to save web pages and other data. That’s because reading information in RAM is much faster than storage space (hard disk or SSD). If you use a complex site such as an online store, make sure you have enough RAM for optimal performance.

  1. Processor (CPU)

If your site is not a very complex one that requires resources, then the CPU is not the most important issue to worry about. Instead, if your site is dynamic, use multiple databases or perform complicated operations, make sure that your VPS has enough CPU cores to handle all operations. Consider this too if your site is one that will be used by a large number of visitors.

  1. Storage:

Storage is not necessarily a problem, but it can be a challenge if your site contains large files such as a presentation video or has a large number of photos included. We recommend that you consider SSDs with SSD storage space (up to 300% faster than HDDs), especially if your site performs many read / write operations or needs to display many pictures.

3. VPS with Management VS VPS without Management

Managing a VPS server is not simple. From security, to performance, to settings and settings – a little simple. It can be a real challenge.

A. VPS without Management.

If you have a VPS management experience and think you need nothing but a configured VPS, plugged in and connected to the internet, then the management without a VPS can save you some extra costs.

B. VPS with Management

However, if you have not worked with a VPS or just prefer to focus more on your site and business than managing your server then a VPS with Management included is the right solution for your needs.

  1. Location.

Does your site and / or business operate in Romania? This means that most visitors and users of your site are from Romania. In this case, buying a VPS from a company that has the collocated servers in Romania is the ideal solution for you.

Keep in mind: The closer your user is to your VPS / site, the better the load time will be.

Now that you know the main criteria in choosing a VPS, it’s easier to choose the right VPS for you and your business. It is not like that?

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