Dedicated Hosting Servers

Learn how to choose shared and dedicated hosting servers

This post shows information about choosing shared and dedicated hosting servers. When business owners plan to launch their web sites on hosting servers, the following questions are often posed: Do you want to choose dedicated hosting, or shared hosting?


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There are important differences between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. That is why it is imperative to do the research before making a choice. Below are some tips on the key differences between shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Make the choice between shared and dedicated hosting servers


Hosting plans have the following differences:


  • With a shared hosting package, there are other sites hosted on the server along with your site.
  • A dedicated hosting plan means that your site is the only site hosted on the server.


  • With shared hosting, the amount of disk space and the bandwidth you are assigned are limited because there are others that share the server. You will be charged if you exceed the allotted amount.
  • With dedicated hosting, bandwidth and disk space are dedicated only to you, there is no sharing and no limitation on the amount of space available.


  • With shared hosting, server resources are shared among multiple users, so operating costs are divided among users, making it cheaper.
  • Because a dedicated server is dedicated exclusively to one user, it costs more.


  • With shared hosting, you will not require too many technical skills because maintenance and security are managed by the shared hosting provider.
  • On the other hand, with a dedicated server, you will need the webmaster’s skills to configure, administer, and manage the server. However, dedicated, fully managed hosting plans are available which will be more expensive.


With shared hosting, the hosting company installs Firewall, applications and security programs for servers.


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Protecting a dedicated server will be your responsibility. You can control the security programs that you install, and since you are the only one on the server, you are less likely to acquire viruses, malware, and spyware. There is a greater risk with shared hosting because of others that use the same server.


  • On a shared server, there is the risk of being blacklisted by search engines. This is because someone else on the server who engages in practices like sending spam can get the entire IP address blacklisted.
  • Already on a dedicated server, you will not receive blacklist. Unless you engage in antistatic Internet practices.


  • In shared hosting, with others sharing the same features, it is possible to generate an amount of traffic that could drain resources such as bandwidth. This could lead to slow response time and slow loading time.
  • Certainly, this does not happen on a dedicated server because you are not sharing resources.


A dedicated server offers more control over the server because they can add their favorite programs, applications and scripts. You will have greater flexibility and security which is very beneficial.

The type of hosting you choose will depend on your budget, server and website needs. In addition, the quantity control you want. Regardless of the type of server hosting you choose, it is important to make an informed decision.


Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

There is an extensive list of the benefits of a dedicated server hosting. But we’ll address just a few of the main ones:

Dedicated Server Customization

Dedicated hosting grants certain freedom and control that other hosting solutions are not able to provide. The fact that the server is dedicated to a client and there are no co-signatories means that the server can be tailored to the specific needs of that client. This ensures that they can select and pay for the features they require, install the software they want and have it all within two hands.

Uptime of the dedicated server

In a world where convenience is everything and consumers are not accustomed to waiting, it is vital to ensure that a website, for example, is functional at all times. Site downtime can lead customers to move to competitors.

Dedicated hosting enables high performance and stability to ensure that websites and other business functions are operational almost 100% of the time.

Server Congestion

Server congestion is much less a problem with a dedicated server. Especially when compared to shared hosting options. With the latter, you often run the risk of congestion due to traffic and usage levels of other sites or applications hosted on the same server, competing for bandwidth, disk space, and CPU usage.

The very nature of dedicated hosting ensures that this is not a problem. But it works on the other side. If the site in question is heavy, then dedicated hosting may be the answer to ensure that other sites are not disrupted.


Customers using a dedicated platform can deploy security measures. Such measures as: antivirus and firewall settings, more suited to their own functions. This simultaneously avoids the security vulnerabilities that can be introduced by the activities of neighboring clients on shared hosting platforms.

Dedicated servers located in data centers. In this way, they can benefit from the physical security measures that such facilities generally implement, including, for example, biometric authentication, security guards, etc.

Customer support

Some dedicated hosting services come with a certain level of support. This is important because a high percentage of dedicated hosting customers use the service to host functions. Or, to host mission critical or important computing sites.

Effective support ensures that site disruption is kept to a minimum. A fully managed hosting provider. For example, you can support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Details of support levels as well as information on reliability statistics can often be found in the SLA. These documents can often provide insight into the quality of a particular service. And they should also be consulted carefully as you go through the process of choosing a provider.

If you choose a dedicated service that does not come with any support, it is important to ensure the presence of the knowledge you need to effectively manage and maintain a server.

Certainly, you now know how to choose shared and dedicated hosting servers. Your project should fit exactly in your budget.


When to Find a Dedicated Hosting Solution

As we said in previous posts, it is a good idea for a company to start with a shared server solution when searching the cloud for the first time. Being part of a shared server hosting plan will work well to familiarize the company, or even someone else’s physical, with the modalities of being part of a cloud server. Once a company overcomes shared server sharing plans, it can move to a virtual private server – VPS, before considering a dedicated solution that has higher costs and more complex operations.

A VPS solution will work well to provide the freedom that someone may need in a cloud hosting plan without having to spend on a dedicated server hosting solution. It’s easy to hire, configure, and manage, since many vendors provide management software.

Only after a company outgrows VPS and still meets their unmet needs, having a dedicated server hosting solution proves to be the only remaining solution. However, making a progressive change always helps to justify the selection of progressive processes. However, a dedicated server is considered the only solution to be initiated only when the nature of the information to be stored is highly confidential in nature. In such cases, no compromise should be made in choosing the server solution.

A dedicated server hosting solution is chosen, the solution provider needs to offer back clock services. However, whenever you select your service provider for a dedicated server solution, make sure you have access to all the clock support and perfect operation. Consider planning your choice of service provider in such a way that all your concerns are addressed. You may even want to look up referrals or ask a top service provider that may match your expectations.

Choosing a Dedicated Cloud Hosting Provider

How to choose a dedicated cloud hosting provider. When a company, or an individual chooses a single dedicated server to host their data in the cloud, it is known as dedicated server hosting. Having a custom cloud hosting solution certainly comes with its own set of advantages.

Businesses have complete freedom and control over their hosting solutions. However, before deciding to opt for a dedicated hosting solution, there are several points to ponder.

The dedicated server hosting always looks very attractive. There is nothing like having a server alone and hosting data without any kind of interference and sharing. What business entrepreneurs should know is that having a dedicated server is a huge decision. This, in turn, should be taken based on specific research and proper understanding.

Firstly, a dedicated hosting solution is extremely costly. In fact, it may not seem like a viable solution for small and medium businesses. So, in case you think of such a solution, you will eventually need to have the funds needed for this.

It’s important to remember that cloud hosting solutions offer recurring costs. So carrying out an expense assessment would be vital.

The management of a dedicated hosting solution server will need a high level of technical understanding. In other words, if a company wants to get a fully managed dedicated server hosting solution, the costs for it may be even greater.

Dedicated cloud hosting has more benefits

  • Dedicated resources

The client can provide its own virtual cloud instance with dedicated features and predictable performance. Many providers incorporate the policy-based cloud for provisioning. And in addition, for security control and resource consumption defined by monitoring software.

  • True interoperability.

With a dedicated cloud you have the transport of virtual machines and other business-critical workloads from one place to another, between on-premise and off-site with no necessary changes.

  • User defined access.

The client can assign resources to separate virtual dedicated clouds, each with individual user access controls. Many providers work with their existing identity and access management systems and policies.

  • High Availability.

Leading providers in the industry provide high availability, live migration, and automatic restart of virtual machines, as well as truly inter-cluster computing, storage and networking interfaces between clusters.

The Dedicated Cloud is one of three options for Infrastructure as a Service IaaS, available with vCHS. They also include virtual private privacy and disaster recovery as a DRaaS service. Unlike other lodges, the dedicated cloud is completely isolated from other cloud tenants with its own dedicated security, capacity, and performance. This feature attracts many regulated businesses because the servers for each client are isolated and extremely secure, server-side.

Dedicated Server Hosting is a Valuable Decision

Having a dedicated server hosting account gives you greater adaptability to an organization than the requirements to purchase hosting for your site. In addition, the client may have considerably greater control over the server, or servers, that are being used. One part of the control that is accessible for dedicated hosting accounts, which is not accessible with shared hosting packages, is having a work structure decision that is used, content establishments and equipment decisions.

Dedicated Hosting Administration

A dedicated hosting administration, often referred to as dedicated server or dedicated server hosting supervision, is a particular type of web hosting that an organization can choose, keeping in mind the ultimate goal to get the transferred webpage documents and having his website showed on the web. The moment a customer chooses any type of dedicated hosting, they lease the entire server and are not forwarded to different clients of the hosting organization.

Dedicated hosting administrations are the best decision when a website is extended is basic mission and when the site owner needs to focus on the substance’s advance and delineate the components of the site and leave all specialist problems to the experts. The web server that hosts vendors that offer dedicated server administration is responsible for having a skilled attendance team available day and night to deal promptly with the issues and ensure that the server is constantly running.

There are many occasions when an organization with a developing web proximity will step on the move to a dedicated server hosting the game plan. They thought that this implies that dedicated servers should be hosted and supervised on the spot. In fact, most of the websites that continue to run on dedicated servers are located in the dedicated hosting organization’s facilities, which provides maintenance and support around the clock.

The Decision to Hire a Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting is a valuable decision based on the fact that the hosting client has the security of realizing that they are only one that uses the server and that it is 100% used only for the needs of your site, for so to speak. This dispenses with potential downtime issues that can be caused by problems on another site that is on a similar server and with security issues as well. Many organizations have a lot of restrictive data and customer databases that must be secured, and dedicated, supervised servers help to include an extra layer of information welfare.

Although the shared options for web hosting plans are more accessible, they are also less secure. Notwithstanding security issues, there are, in addition, availability issues that must be considered. In the event that another web page on a mutual server has a substantial advance and finds a sudden increase in movement, at that point it could either make all the sites on that server stack gradually or even be difficult to reach by deadlines? With a dedicated hosting administration, the main stream of activity that must be considered and made arrangements is under the control and plans of the organization that utilize the dedicated hosting.

At a time when an organization is new or has a genuinely minor proximity on the web, shared hosting is usually more than adequate and is an inviting spending decision. Be that as it may, as the move requests and the multifaceted nature of the site develops, at that point a dedicated server hosting record will likely become a necessity sooner or later.

Why It’s Crucial to Have a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a solitary web server or a PC on the web that hosts websites and shows pages as observers ask. A dedicated server is inside a PC system, exclusively dedicated to a client or an extensive business, as it can solve many problems.


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Dedicated servers are typically used as part of the web facilitating industry; multiple locations are facilitated on a dedicated server. A dedicated server is considered the next stage in shared facilitation situations. Having your own dedicated server causes you to stay stress free on different websites by supporting you or by blocking your server. Dedicated servers additionally add to the control, and takes into consideration the introduction of programming on your website that opens entries to increase further execution.

The benefit of having a dedicated server.

The benefit of having a dedicated server is that server clients can change the equipment and configuration of the schedule so that they address issues such as faster information and easier resolution of movement on the site.

These dedicated servers accompany the great benefit of the customer. The web works with the client to ensure that the dedicated server addresses customer issues. In cases of organizations with few divisions such as a chain of outlets, it is still urgent that each have its own specific server, since they can do multiple areas on a single server effectively, which brings more proficiency instead of renting host space on multiple web servers for each division or output separately.

Dedicated Server for Large Organizations.

For large organizations that have websites for each dealership, for example, bicycle producers, the benefit of having a dedicated server is that the parent organization can place most of the sites for each dealership under a similar server.

The benefit of this setup is that the dealership in Florida is using dealership indistinguishable instruments online in Colorado. Make Taurus Motors Corp.’s Online Proximity Organization. extremely streamlined and cost-effective, while making things fundamentally less demanding for organization and support, ie customization and uniform bidding proposal proposition. Considering the websites of each of the distinctive divisions or dealerships that reside on a dedicated server, it makes this favorable position profitable until business expansion.

Improve Dedicated Server Settings.

Sometimes different businesses need to use dedicated servers for the sole reason of customization, client administration, and fast access. They have their own websites or better yet sub-rent the additional space for organizations intrigued to set up their websites and areas. The favorable position determined by any company under a dedicated server is the ability to improve security.

All of these favorable circumstances suggest that dedicated servers are the best alternative for most organizations or larger organizations. Facilitating individual sites or independent risk websites generally does not require a dedicated server, so you can rent from a standard web.

Dedicated Server Advantages

You may have heard the term: dedicated server hosting websites and asked what it meant or how it could be beneficial to you and your company. In a nutshell, dedicated server hosting offers the capabilities and capabilities of an entire server to a business or website without having to share that server with other websites and businesses. This can be beneficial for a myriad of reasons, including the following.


The great advantage of dedicated server hosting is that you do not have to worry about other sites using all your bandwidth when you need them most. All the control is yours, you can install security software, which you cannot find on a shared server, besides having all the exclusive features


When you do not have to share a server you are able to enjoy a lot more flexibility.

With dedicated server hosting you can manage the server configuration. This means that you have more control as your business grows and flourishes, without having to worry about periodic outages, for the high consumption of resources that are common on shared servers.

Total Freedom, to Customize

With dedicated server hosting, you can manage the server configuration. What you need is just the knowledge to exploit all the resources available in the market and apply on your dedicated server. Are you the owner!

Security Features

As you have almost absolute control over your dedicated server, a certain level of security comes with this type of hosting due to the fact that no one else has access except your company and the company that offers your dedicated server hosting and web hosting services. So you have access, almost exclusive.


Because you are unique in the use of your dedicated server resources, high performance is a strong and very important point for those who want to speed data transmission over the network. With the dedicated server, the network link must also be dedicated, or at least the part dedicated to your server, is yours alone. As a result of the traffic of your applications that are hosted on the dedicated server, it flows more freely and decreases the supposed latency and network congestion.

Dedicated Server, Know Your Future on the Web

Virtualization and cloud computing technologies deliver services that work just like a dedicated server, but are more reliable, flexible, scalable, offer more management capabilities, and simply cost less.

As more services and Web applications move to cloud-based virtual servers, you have to wonder if this means the end of the traditional dedicated server. No. Without a dedicated server there is no cloud server. In addition these also offer similar and totally dedicated features, as the name already says, except for a few items.

The following is what makes a dedicated server slightly different from a cloud server.

Flexibility and scalability.

Dedicated servers do not scale in the same way as a virtual machine on a good cloud platform. They are designed to provide a fixed amount of resources and the only realistic way to scale your computing power is to add additional servers and balance the load across multiple servers. This usually requires some changes in your application, or to increase the resources on the dedicated Server – which will involve downtime as long as the physical components are changed.

In contrast, scaling is what cloud hosting does best. Adding more CPU, RAM, or storage can be done with zero downtime and through your own control panel. Likewise, adding additional virtual servers is also at the click of a button.

Management and Reliability.

Managing a server is often the most expensive element. Hardware maintenance typically requires additional service level agreements for part replacements, while for high availability, you need a dedicated second server, as well as load balancers, multiple Firewall, Switch, and other components

When you move to a virtual server hosted on a cloud platform, much of this is already taken care of by your web hosting provider. If the underlying physical hardware fails, your server must be migrated automatically to a new machine. Storage must be reflected with a high level of RAID and many of the firewall and load-balancing functions can be assumed by virtual machines, allowing you to take advantage of the resilient nature of a cloud platform rather than having to duplicate the hardware .

Maximum loads

This is perhaps the most compelling argument for using cloud hosting. With a dedicated server, you need to provision the resources that the server must match the highest load you expect so that your site or application does not fall during the busy times.

However, your site may only experience this charge for one day a year or even an hour a year and for the rest of the time, all server capacity is not yet used.

offers high-capacity processing servers.

  • Extreme speed

Each server is custom built internally by Blue Host engineers using only the latest technology. And the use of open source technology, such as OpenStack, gives more flexibility to update performance over time.

  • Instant provisioning

Blue Host technology allows you to provision dedicated servers immediately.

  • RAID Storage

Blue Host uses only high-quality storage with level 1 RAID support on all dedicated servers. Your drives are completely mirrored, ensuring your data is extremely well protected. This feature is not found in more dedicated solutions.

  • Root Access

For advanced users, the enhanced control panel provides optional root access, giving the Blue Host client full control of the server.

  • Dedicated support

has specialized support, by phone chat and ticket support, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • Storage Updates

Add the online hosting storage as you need it. With cPanel enhanced, you can increase the available storage space in real time without requiring administrator intervention.


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