Best Web Hosting for Small Business

There are hundreds of offers from web hosting companies but which is actually the best hosting? Is there a certain company capable of unambiguously supporting the potential of your site so you have uptime of over 99.9% and your visitors can enjoy the best loading speed? Do you have a top hosting solution that can provide dedicated support for running two or more sites?


There are questions that each of you ask if you are on the go online. The purpose of our site is as simple as it is: displaying in an objective way the best web hosting packages, experienced web hosting companies and the ability to provide you with top solutions.

There are many criteria for selecting a hosting company, a presentation site, or a portal that needs top resources to ensure that each visitor enjoys an excellent upload speed regardless of the page he’s browsing. There are numerous hosting solutions available at this time, just as customers are becoming more and more numerous due to this technological advance, which is why businesses need a good online presence.

What does a quality web hosting package mean? There are several criteria that define the best web hosting, certain is that some parameters are more important and will help you keep your site and business online all the time. In the following lines we will review the top web hosting and web hosting companies dedicated to the normal activities of a website, including those of sending an email or receiving queries made by enrolled users.

Why to keep in mind when choosing a website hosting solution

Space – The space of a hosting package translates to the number of Mb or Gb that the hosting provider guarantees when choosing the appropriate package. Consider that the largest consumers are represented by your site’s files, multimedia (photo and video) galleries, the database, or even the company’s email. In many cases, the email addresses used to send bids or receive graphics reach more than 10GB of space in the total allocated to your hosting package.

Traffic – Most businesses provide unlimited traffic to their hosting packages, a very good thing. Each site visitor is a bandwidth consumer, hosting providers choosing to limit access to certain webhosting packages made available. We recommend buying web hosting packages with unlimited traffic, so you have the guarantee that this resource is a sufficient allowance.

Databases – A database helps you store the main coordinates and information inside the site, most of the scripts and CMS used to build a site using such a resource. Called by a specific script, the database includes essential information and it is essential to always be up-to-date. The number of databases is less relevant to a hosting offer, any hosting company that respects offering at least one unit within its packages.

Add-on Domains – This option is also known as “Added Domains,” a control panel function where you can attach the same online hosting account to one or more adjacent sites. If the business or site you wish to host has also less important sites but useful for your activity, choose the package that allows you to attach these related domains as well.

Email Houses – Because each site has an email address of the form [email protected], the email script is essential. But do not worry, site hosting companies and online stores manage to bring in permissive packages with the ability to create a dozen or even hundreds of personalized addresses for company employees.

FTP Accounts – Used especially by those who make changes to the site, FTP accounts give you the opportunity to teach access only to certain server locations. If one of the employees is dealing with the graphics area and needs to upload the photos, you can set up an FTP account with access only to that site area. Offered in unlimited number, FTP accounts are useful, but they are not one of the basic reasons for choosing the hosting package.

Subdomains – The number of subdomains is equivalent to the number of possibilities to create sites. Consider the number of databases, if in the case of subdomains you want to create sites with individual databases, you will be somewhat limited in certain situations.

Uptime – One of the most important reasons why you should choose hosting companies in our catalog, which are often tested to highlight this feature of the service. In practice, as much as possible uptime guarantees the online presence at any time of a site, 99% being ideal for those who want to keep their site ready to receive visitors.

IP Dedicated – Secure emails for sending or receiving emails but also a SEO advantage, as this may translate the presence of a dedicated IP to your hosting package. A very good hosting must also have a dedicated IP, this rule being one that you can start when choosing a hosting partner.

Automatic Backup  Represents the potential of the server that you buy web hosting to save a copy of all your files. If the site is broken or it simply happens that one of the files hosted has some problems, a back-up will prove to be extremely useful to restore the form before the incident.

Antivirus – Protection against viruses will make the files hosted never to be in danger. Virusing is one of the reasons why sites do not work properly, hence fear of owners when it comes to poor security. The best hosting on the market must include, without a doubt, a secure solution for the files of the hosted site.

Control Panel – The control panel is mandatory and must be a custom one, allowing changes without programming knowledge. Control Panel is the most common panel by which webmasters can install CMSs, build databases and users, configure email addresses, or create custom SEO or Back-up settings for files of interest.

Free Domain – It’s not necessarily a reason for choosing a web hosting package but the fact that there are hosting companies that offer a free domain can be a serious reason for the acquisition. The most popular free domain deals are hosting packages purchased over a one-year period, in exchange for amounts up to 200 lei, with a .ro or .com / .net domain.

Parked domains – The function can be called from the control panel and allows you to preserve other areas you do not currently use. To share a domain on your shared hosting account will simplify your work and offer you at any time the opportunity to turn it from the parked domain into an active one with relevant content offered to Internet users in Romania or abroad.

Simultaneous Visitors – Do you have a site with many hits and want to have no errors when 10, 20 or even 50 guests arrive simultaneously on the platform you are managing? You have to choose a top hosting offered by web hosting companies that manage to provide you with servers with a full hardware resource architecture (processor, RAM).

Price – Why not recognize, the price is and will always be the most important reason why we choose a hosting company or another. However, start from the premise that a top hosting company can not offer you the lowest price due to the fact that the resources have costs, these sums being recoverable only by implementing shared hosting packages at a fair price.



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