Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting

Minecraft hosting Easy-to-use control panel with support for BungeeCord bundles , suitable for most projects.


For freelancers

5 $ month
  • 2.5GB RAM
  • 50 Slots
  • 1x Dedicated IP
  • Optional SSD/Anti-DDoS
  • +FTP Access
  • +Custom JARs*
  • +Unlimited Webhosting*
  • +Free Multicraft
  • +Unlimited MySQL*


For Developers

30 $ month
  • 12GB RAM
  • Highly Customizable
  • 1x Dedicated IP
  • 100GB SSD Disk (RAID 10)
  • 4 vCore CPU @ 2GHz+
  • +VPS Desktop Viewer
  • +Custom Control Panel*
  • +Free Webhosting Setup*
  • +Free MySQL Setup*


For Startups

15 $ month
  • RAM 4096MB
  • Slots Unlimited
  • CPU 2 vCORE
  • Network Port [email protected]
  • 25GB SSD
  • Multicraft Panel Optional
  • Webhosting/Voice Optional
  • Custom JAR Optional

Why Choose Us for Cheap Minecraft hosting?

We welcome you to the Minecraft VPS Hosting on the Internet. We are pleased to provide you with our servers for rent for hosting SAMP, MTA, Minecraft, Counter Strike Source, CS GO, CS 1.6 with high quality, security, and important things for a low price. After you rent a game server, you are presented with a server panel and you can manage it without administrator skills. If you have any problems, we will try to solve them as soon as possible, you just have to contact technical support!

Long gone are the days when it was interesting to play alone. Modern Internet speeds, along with its unlimited limits, make it possible to share the gaming world along with tens, hundreds and even hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world. Or even create your own part of such a world by renting space on the server. High-quality hosting of game servers is quite common, however, of course, it is not free – but it offers you tremendous opportunities in multiplayer mode.

Customer Minecraft Server Hosting Reviews

“Great care, I answer for the quality. Not expensive, that is important. Excellent support, everything will be prompted, everything will be told. In general, top, I recommend. If you think, take, you will not regret.”

“Great hosting, better not to find. And cheap, and quality. I was also pleased that an adequate administration works here, which knows all the answers and will always help. Servers do not lag and there are no failures. The administrator helped me in everything. I am glad that I was advised this hosting. Now I advise you to him! Buy! There is no better hosting.”

“Great hosting. I forgot about the lags. The prices are excellent, those support for all questions are answered and help to understand even with questions that do not apply to their hosting. Just a pity that so far those. support is slowly responding. Thank you for a great hosting!”

Best Minecraft hosting Features!

Hosting for the site and MySQL
If you need hosting for a website or a MySQL database, we will provide you with them absolutely free of charge, no matter what tariff you use.

Full SSH access
You have full Root access to the server. Use the capabilities of your server to the maximum! It is forbidden to place software and content that violates the laws of the Russian Federation.

We use high-speed Intel processors that ensure reliable and fast performance of all servers.

VDS control panel
Reinstall the operating system, reboot, see the statistics – all this and much more will be available to you in the VDS control panel.

Fast SSD
We use professional-grade, high-speed SSD drives that provide lightning performance for your server. (10 times faster than conventional HDD drives).

KVM Virtualization
Be sure that no “neighbors” will not interfere. We use KVM virtualization, which completely isolates servers from each other.

Improved Anti-DDoS
All tariffs have an improved DDoS protection system that protects your server from most known attacks.

BungeeCord support

It is possible to install a BungeeCord-bundle, through which you can go from server to server without exiting the menu (for example, from survival to mini-games).

Control Panel

A functional and easy-to-use control panel allows you to have complete control over all of your servers.

Powerful processor

We use high-speed Intel processors that ensure reliable and fast performance of all servers.

Improved Anti-DDoS

All tariffs have an improved DDoS protection system that protects your server from most known attacks.

How many servers

We do not limit the number of servers in the tariff. Create as many as you need. We limit only resources (RAM, kernels), and how to use these resources is up to you.

Dedicated IP Address

IP belongs only to you, which means you can start the server on any port, including the standard one (25565, you can not enter at the entrance).