Cheap Windows Server Hosting

Our Cheap Windows Server Hosting appeal to customers who want to be flexible at all times. With cost-transparent cloud features, you can tailor your windows server vps solution to the current workload at any time and make daily or monthly billing. Our windows vps solutions are ideal for your own internet presence and smaller web applications.


Cheap Windows Server Hosting

Rent your vServer now with windows hosting vps operating system. The new VPS Windows products can now be rented with the free preinstalled Windows Server 2016 operating system. You can also rent the vServer with Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012. Here, the virtual servers with Windows Server 2008 and Server 2012 with virtualized HDD or SSD storage are provided as container virtualization. The new VPSs based on virtual machines can be rented with Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2012 and deployed via KVM on a redundant storage including SSD boost.

Two options: virtual or dedicated server

We offer suitable solutions for strong websites – whether private website, company presence or online shop. You can opt for a cheap Windows V server (virtual server) or a dedicated Windows root server. You can choose between different tariffs and comfort features. Match the system resources you need to your web projects and choose the best Windows hosting solution within your budget. supports you with technical expertise and competent service. We advise you to choose the ideal hosting concept – by e-mail or telephone.

  • powerful and highly available
  • with or without minimum contract period
  • fair, transparent prices

The right server for every need

You need a high-performance infrastructure for the private website, for the company website or for the online shop? Do you want to provide your employees with software services in a simple and flexible way, without having to purchase expensive hardware and pay for expensive maintenance? Then you are exactly right. As an experienced hosting service provider, we offer first-class service at a fair monthly price.

For example, choose a virtual server to set up Windows-compatible software for your employees and secure data stores. Or opt for a dedicated server: Here you use one or more physical servers exclusively for your project or applications. You can carry out installation and maintenance yourself, depending on the available know-how. Take advantage of the possibility of ASP hosting. Comparable reliability and performance you will not find in a “free” hosting provider.

With scalable server cloud, you can configure computing power, memory and storage space to meet your needs. Here you can create several virtual machines with either a Linux or a Windows operating system.

Windows Server Hosting, VPS, root server – what does that mean?

Windows Server Hosting is a virtual server in which multiple users share the physical system resources (CPU, RAM, disks, etc.). Parts of the physical resources are assigned to a virtual machine (VM). This is called “encapsulation”. Each user thus has full root access to the operating system and it’s VM within its “capsule”.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and is another name for V-Servers. The emphasis here is on “private”: A VPS is also a virtual server, but each tenant receives a fixed amount of physical resources. This is called “encapsulation”. Each tenant also has full access to the operating system (root access) within his “capsule”. That is why VPS is also referred to as a virtual root server.

A home for your web projects

If one compares the server infrastructure with a large, well-equipped house, then a V-server corresponds to a rented apartment. All tenants share the house, but otherwise are completely independent of each other in your apartment.

Dedicated Servers: The premier class of web hosting

In a “real” root servers, the so-called dedicated server (English: dedicated server), hire you, however, the whole house. The complete server hardware and software are available exclusively to you and your web projects. Dedicated servers are thus the royal road and are suitable for professional Internet sites with high traffic (ie high data and visitor volume), which require a correspondingly high computing power and a lot of storage space.

This is what all Windows V servers have in common

  • Constant high performance thanks to encapsulation – you will not notice that you share a physical server with others
  • Manage your web projects from any Internet-enabled device.
  • The Windows servers are of course IPv6-ready
  • Integration of large database applications via MSSQLServer. You link application programs via the .NET Framework, which also supports ASP
  • Status monitoring through extensive monitoring services. If services are not working properly, you can be notified by e-mail or optional text message and can respond immediately
  • with Traffic Control keep the server operation in view and the server via
  • Thanks to the recovery system Recovery Manager, you can still access the server even if normal access is not possible. With , you can use this rescue system without any waiting time and additional costs. This (and more) sets us apart from many other hosting service providers
  • Windows virtual server ideal for cloud computing.
  • easy setup of your Windows V server thanks to the popular and intuitive Plesk interface (formerly Parallels® Plesk)

Additional features such as Cluster IP for even greater reliability or an SSL certificate for the secure data connection between server and clients can be added on request to any tariff.

Highly flexible: Windows server as server cloud

Some projects use a server at different speeds depending on the time of day. Keeping the required maximum resources available, even though there are only short-term peak loads, can make a project unnecessarily expensive. With server cloud, you therefore rent server capacities on demand – with full flexibility and hourly billing. So you always pay only for the server infrastructure that you actually use.

With a  Server Cloud, you can install multiple virtual machines as Windows or Linux servers, adding a flexible component to your existing servers, for example. These can be started, stopped and restarted independently and even clone independently. At rest, only costs for the occupied hard disk capacity.

Windows server hosting at the highest level

Whether Virtual Server, Dedicated Server or Server Cloud: When you rent a Windows server , you have high-end hardware at your disposal – fully protected in the infrastructure of our data centers. With us you select from various tariffs the appropriate computing power and the required storage space for your requirements. With dedicated Windows hosting, also gives you easy access to your server via the award-winning Plesk management software. Load Balancer, ClusterIP and much more make your Windows server a real professional tool and a safe haven for your web projects. This is Windows server hosting at the highest level. Our professional support is on request always there for you.

Windows Hosting made in multiple datacenters

Whether private web project or business hosting: we protect your sensitive data.  hosts your web projects securely and highly available – no matter what type of web hosting you choose. Our high-performance servers are located in our own data centers and are therefore subject to strict data protection.  When you hire a Linux server or Windows server, you benefit from a specialized infrastructure with protected power and product-related security features. We do not just take care of the physical security of the server rack. In addition to a variety of security measures, such as different fire sections and redundant power supply, our data centers are characterized by a direct connection to all major German Internet hubs.

Therefore Windows server hosting

  • virtual servers with guaranteed resources
  • Dedicated servers, just for your web projects
  • smooth performance
  • customized performance
  • transparent prices
  • comprehensive data security
  • data protection

Fast data throughput – with SSD power included

Get full storage and SSD power with our V-Servers for high read and write speeds. As a result, your server is designed for lightning fast data processing. The SSD / HDD storage space of your cheap windows remote desktop vps is provided by the modern HP 3PAR high performance storage platform.

The world’s best operating systems

Install the world’s best operating systems for professional server operation. You have the choice between the current Windows versions: Windows Server 2016 Standard and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

Best service – whenever you need it

  • 24/7 Expert Hotline (optional): We are there for you 365 days a year
  • Real technology experts will help you day & night, even on weekends
  • With us you always stay up to date with the latest technology
  • We grow with you: from the domain to the individual IT infrastructure

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