Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting – Minecraft is a sandbox construction game inspired by Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper and created by Marcus Person, the founder of Mojang AB.
The game allows players to create and destroy various blocks and use objects in a three-dimensional environment. The player controls a little man who can destroy or set blocks, forming fantastic structures, creations and artwork alone or collectively with other players on different multiplayer servers in different game modes.


Minecraft game server hosting

When the Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Person developed Minesraft , it is unlikely that he thought that the game would become so popular. However, nowadays, millions of people around the world are engaged in creating universes, extracting valuable resources and communicating with mobs. In Sweden itself, a sandbox game is included in the school curriculum.

Now you can earn extra money on the idea of ​​the brilliant Swede and purchase a ready-made Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting. The site operates on the basis of high-power equipment from manufacturers such as Intel, AMD and Supermicro, Cisco Systems and Western Digital.

What is a cheap minecraft hosting server?

Renting a site for an online game or hosting minecraft provides its tenant with the following features:

  • full FTP access via a separate data transfer and communication protocol; now you can customize the gaming platform at any convenient time;
  • high-speed functioning of the server with minecraft mods on the network; professional and powerful equipment of our company guarantees the client reliability and security of a dedicated channel;
  • the lowest in Russia ping allows you to enjoy an online game without delay;
  • supporting your server 24 hours a day increases the number of users;
  • professional technical support of minecraft ip server work and consultation;
  • attractive tariff plans that can be changed at will;
  • free testing of the server within 72 hours allows the buyer to decide how best to work the server.

How to create a minecraft server cheap and high quality?

First, you need to host minecraft game servers. Secondly, choose the most convenient number of slots and payment period. Thirdly, order the manufacture of the server (with mods or the ability to download mods via FTP). All this you will find here. To place an order you need to do just 2 clicks with the mouse.

Important! As soon as you place an order for the rent of servers in minecraft, within 5 minutes the site will be placed at your disposal.

We offer a certain number of slots at a fixed price. The server is based on the Linux operating system, and is physically located in the data center of Moscow.

What do you get as a result of renting minecraft game servers?

Fully customized and working minecraft game server, available for 99.9% of the time per month. At the same time it will always work in prime time. Whereas 0.1% of the time devoted to maintenance will fall on the hours of the lowest load area.

Important! Technical support minecraft ready server with mods is absolutely free.

The minecraft server hosting service includes monitoring the playground. The essence of the service is that our specialists:

  • they will learn about system malfunctions in advance and fix them even before the main components of the site fail. Often problems are solved by automatic rebooting without the participation of administrators;
  • make the service as convenient as possible for users, which increases their number exponentially;
  • Saves money to the company’s customers, minimizing downtime.

Minecraft hosting

First, high-quality and convenient minecraft ip servers. Almost all the products offered by the company develops independently. Our specialists are working daily to improve the usability of minecraft servers, offering an improved interface and comprehensive control over the game process.

Secondly, a team of experienced network engineers, programmers and administrators. We not only create the demanded minecraft servers, but also monitor their proper use.

Thirdly, a powerful technical base that allows us to offer high-speed and reliable hosting with the lowest ping game servers minecraft.

The best and quality Minecraft server

Minecraft game hosting must meet good resource indicators, since both the server and the Minecraft client are very demanding of system resources. In Minecraft, a lot depends on the speed of the file system and RAM. Therefore, Advens uses SSDs and a large amount of RAM on their server machines. Ordering a game server minecraft from us, you get a reliable, most secure powerful hosting.

Hardware and software filtering:

Every day, the game server is subject to DoS attacks (client attack, DoS attack programs) by unfriendly players or competitors (you probably know these attacks). Our own filtering blocks bots, client-side UDP flood attacks, the purpose of which is to make the game server “slow down, fall”. Filtering traffic from illegitimate “players” works in real time (permament mode), regardless of whether the game server is turned on. After making the order, the server is automatically protected.

Hardware filtering:

Hardware filtering Cisco Systems, Arbor, Tilera blocks all types of attacks. Filtering from illegitimate traffic works in real time (permament mode). After making the order, the server is automatically protected.

Minecraft Dedicated Server Hosting that gives you what you need

Will give you the opportunity to build a project the way you want it. VPS hosting allows you to use multiple cores and will offer a wide selection of operating systems that are ready to be installed in one click. Simple but powerful management tools allow you to maximize the potential of your virtual server. Serious hardware, Linux optimization and a team of experts support you around the clock.

How to buy hosting for Minecraft server?

To buy a hosting for Minecraft server, just select the desired settings, find out the cost and pay for accommodation. Just a couple of clicks is enough to get everything you need. This eliminates worries such as:

  • setting advanced parameters;
  • ensuring a stable and secure game;
  • configuration change;
  • Providing connectivity to other players and so on.

Instead, we take care of everything.

Minecraft hosting rental

So, contacting us to order the hosting of Minecraft servers, you can get a free trial period and in the future register for a small fee. There is No need to have programming skills or server installation experience, because everything will be done automatically.

No need to look for the necessary software and no need to buy a powerful computer to start the server on the local machine. No need for fast and unlimited internet connection to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The cost of hosting for Minecraft at the same time remains record low – less than the monthly bills for electricity and Internet. Not to mention the purchase of a separate computer. Therefore, buying a ready server is much easier and more profitable.

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