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A Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is an excellent alternative to web hosting and the perfect choice for those who want a really fast and stable solution. If you get a dedicated server you get a very own server run by a hosting company that ensures that your server gets a really stable line, a lightning fast internet and that your server always gets power supply even if the hosting company is hit by a power failure. Your dedicated server is monitored by skilled technicians who address any issues as soon as they occur.


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Selecting a Windows Dedicated Server Hosting – Choose the Right Option!

A dedicated server is a perfect choice when you want a stable and fast solution for your efficient operation of your websites. A separate server means that you do not share it with anyone else but you get all the power yourself. A dedicated server is much faster than a web host, and it often has its own power supply and is powered by skilled technicians who ensure that your server is up and running without interruption.

Why a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is so much faster and more stable than a regular web host. You can share a web host with other actors while having a dedicated server you have yourself completely. The speed and safety of the upcoming times will be enormously better with your own Windows Dedicated Server Hosting. The stability is also quite different if compared to web hosting.

Why a dedicated server

With a web host, as you said, you share the place with other users and these can affect the speed of your shared web hosting. It can also be that another user can get viruses on their webplasts, on their part of the server and that this then affects you and your sites. If you have a dedicated server, this does not happen when you are on a server and do not share it with other operators.

Higher flexibility

With a dedicated server you get much higher flexibility than with a web host. You can yourself decide how your server should be equipped, so that it becomes so secure, stable and fast it just goes. You can design it with the right RAM memory and processor. You can influence how fast and efficient the processor should be and to some extent how many cores it should contain. Everything costs of course, but even with a cheaper variant of dedicated server you get really fast speeds and very high security.

You can use your dedicated server other than just running and hosting your own websites. A Windows Dedicated Server Hosting can be used as a mail server, game server and file server. You have great flexibility when it comes to programs and the applications you use for your server and this is one of many advantages when comparing web hosting and your own dedicated server. You get a completely different flexibility and security.

Advantages of dedicated server

There are, as you probably understand, a lot of advantages to using a dedicated server both when running their websites, but also at other activities on the Internet. A web host is often perceived as fast and secure and that is many times, but with a separate server you play in a completely different league. It is almost impossible to compare. The price is higher for a dedicated server if you compare with web hosting, but then you definitely get a better solution.

  • Faster with dedicated server
  • Safer with dedicated server
  • You can cover the server as you wish
  • Do not share the server with others
  • Better operation
  • Better power supply
  • More possibilities with applications and applications
  • Better fire protection
  • Better accessibility
  • Faster service and access to technicians
  • No problem with spare parts when the hosting company stands for these
  • Cost-effective to hire a dedicated server

Cost-effective solution

Hiring a dedicated server for their needs is a very cost-effective solution if you compare how much it costs to acquire your own server at their company. You get a stable, fast and secure solution with a dedicated server that is operated and owned by a hosting company.

The cost is much lower for you when you rent this type of solution and you can relax in the knowledge that a company manages everything around the server so you can concentrate on your company’s products and services to be delivered to your customers. You can focus on yours and the server is managed by the hosting company at a relatively low cost. You get a lot for the money when choosing a dedicated server.

The price of your own server depends largely on which hardware, programs and software you will use. You can get a dedicated server from about 400 per month and up. As you can see, it is different in price. You will, however, get a really good solution regardless of which solution on the dedicated server you choose.

Advantages against VPS

A VPS is a cross between web hosting and dedicated server one can easily say. A VPS acts as a dedicated server to some extent. A VPS is also a safe solution where you have high flexibility and high speeds, but with a dedicated server you take the step fully and get the highest quality of all parts.

With a VPS you can pull on viruses from other players, but with your own server, that is not the possibility. A dedicated server is faster and more stable than VPS simply. It is the best solution when you are going to operate webplastics and as we mentioned earlier you can use this own server for more than just websites in various forms.

With this solution you will get great stability, safety and speed. Good luck with your choice of dedicated server!

Shared, dedicated or VPS – what is the difference between different servers?

Whether you are a newly started blogger, want to launch your own web

Shop or have been running your website for a while, you need to decide on which server is best suited for your particular business and if you should upgrade. Virtual Private Server (VPS) is becoming more common, but what does it really mean and why do some VPS choose while others decide on web hosting?

Everyone with a website needs some kind of server. But why should you choose just one VPS instead of a dedicated or shared server?

A web host, or shared server, could be compared to a large apartment complex where all individual apartments are rented by other website owners. Everyone needs somewhere to live – just like your website files – but buying a big house becomes too expensive for your needs. You share important resources such as processor, memory, network, and hard disk space with any other site owner using the shared server. It keeps costs down but the capacity of your website can be affected by traffic to other demanding websites.

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting is the exact opposite of a shared and a bit like living in your own villa. Here you have a system that is reserved solely for your website. You have full control of the system, but it will of course be much more expensive. You also have full responsibility for your system if something should happen. As long as you don’t run a business that handles thousands of transactions every day, a dedicated server is just unnecessarily large and complicated.

To really understand the meaning of a VPS, or Virtual Private Server, it is easiest to break down the word for word.
Server  A server is a powerful computer that stores all the data and files for your site. When someone writes your domain name, ie home page address, in their browser, the powerful computer “serves” your site on the viewfinder screen.
Virtual  VPS uses virtualization to distribute the powerful computer resources to multiple virtual servers. Think of it like this: it’s a single physical hardware that works like several separate servers.
Private –Your virtual server is reserved for you only, meaning you never need to share memory, processor or any other data with other users.

A VPS therefore ends up somewhere in between, shared and dedicated server and could be compared to living in a townhouse. You share some resources with others such as server space, but you are responsible for internal maintenance and what is there. The big difference is that your website is the only domain that has access to your specific virtual tray. This means that you get your own operating system with a certain hard disk space, a certain amount of processor resources and a certain amount of memory.

With a VPS you get many of the benefits of a dedicated server – but at an affordable price. If you also choose to rent your server, you can configure it as needed and just pay for the space you need for the moment.

Highest quality with dedicated server

A dedicated server is a service that can be purchased from hosting companies that offer hosting services. A dedicated server means that you rent a server of your own which you can choose the configuration for, so that it fits the programs and applications that you should run on the server.

Renting a server is a cost-effective solution since you do not have to spend the entire purchase price for a server yourself, while you get access to bandwidth, firewalls and a lot of other security features such as fire protection and spare electricity, which otherwise are very expensive investments if you have to manage about the operation of a separate server itself. This means that many companies, organizations and authorities have chosen to outsource the operation of websites and other programs on a dedicated server at a hosting company.

Just as the name suggests, it is a server that is dedicated to a customer, which means that you do not share the server’s resources with other customers, which you otherwise do on a web host or when you rent a virtual server. This means that you get the highest security, best accessibility and that all resources on the server are allocated for one’s own programs and websites that you have on the server.

When ordering a dedicated server you can decide which speed you want on the processor, how much frame memory the server should have and how much storage space you want. One can also decide whether to have raid or other security features on the server which partly means that you get a faster server but also a safer server. This means that you never have to worry about the server’s resources not being sufficient while at the same time being able to upgrade the dedicated server with more resources if needs arise in the future.

Another advantage of a dedicated server is that you do not have to think about something if, for example, a hard drive fails or if a frame memory stops working as the hosting company arranges to replace broken parts immediately and free of charge so that the operation of the dedicated server is minimized.

Hire your own dedicated server

Having your own dedicated server at your disposal opens up completely different ports than what a regular web host can offer in their packages. With your own server, you can configure it exactly to your wishes and you also have much more resources than you can get out of a shared server on a web host.

VPS as one can say is an intermediate between a web hosting account and a dedicated server can be an alternative if the price of a separate server is considered too expensive. With VPS, a few customers share on the same server, but each customer runs their own virtual server on the machine. This gives you the same opportunity to configure the system according to your needs but at the same time you get to share server capacity with others.

Manage your own web server

Going from having a regular web hosting account to having a completely own server is not an easy task and it is no wonder many choose to stay on a web hosting account as long as possible. The web hosting company offers solutions where you can expand the resources with a regular web hosting account, which allows you to grow much longer before there is a need for your own server.

Managing your own server is not easy and a web server does not differ in this respect. One must ensure that the operating system is kept up to date and that critical security updates are run in as quickly as possible. To run your own server, it is therefore necessary to have quite a good knowledge of the operating system that runs on the server, which is usually Linux or possibly Windows Server for Dotnet applications.

In addition to keeping the system on the server updated, you should also administer, configure and maintain the applications that run on the server and which are essential for it to work. A good control panel like WHM can of course help one on the road but it does not usually be comprehensive and especially not if you want to start replacing the software on the web server from Apache to maybe Nginx or LiteSpeed and similar changes for databases, firewall etc. In such cases, it is necessary to one has good knowledge of how to manage and administer these server applications.

In order to take care of a server in the most optimal way possible, in addition to knowledge, experience is required. Larger companies often have staff who completely focus on server operation and maintenance of something, which, however, is not a reasonable requirement for anyone who needs to move from a web host to their own server and that is well where “Managed Server” enters the picture.

Managed Server makes it easier

Managed Servers is a service provided by many companies that rent dedicated server and, above all, the web hosting company that does it. Managed Server means that the hosting company takes over the operation of the server and helps you make changes to the server, install third-party programs etc. and for you as a customer it almost becomes like having a web hosting account.

The disadvantage of Managed Servers is well that the amount of support time included is limited or you rent from such a large company so you have “free support” but this usually also means that cases are not fully investigated or are a clear risk. One for quick analysis of what is wrong with the server can actually result in that they think it is a DDOS attack against you while it is really only very high traffic towards a specific script which is within the norm for normal for you but unusual in general context.

If you want to rent a managed server in Sweden, then web hosting companies’ good cards and combining this with extra SLA agreements if you run an important web shop can give you exactly the security you need.

VPS and cloud servers

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, which means that you share a physical server with several other customers but get a very own virtual server to configure as you want. You can say that you get the same functionality as with a completely dedicated dedicated server, but share the server’s resources with others. This is usually cheaper than buying your own server.

VPS is also available as cloud services and the nice thing is that you can often grow as you need and reduce if needed. For an e-store, this may mean that you buy resources before the Christmas shopping or if any campaign has started. One can be mentioned in a large evening newspaper that has made the traffic radically increased and that with simple keystrokes being able to allocate extra resources is amazingly smooth.

VPS and cloud services where you can have your own server are popular alternatives as a step before you take your own dedicated server but also as a direct complement to it. It can be very good to know that the possibility exists and that elastic cloud services that you can adjust and configure directly are very scalable and flexible.

VPS vs. dedicated server

The main differences between a virtual server (VPS) and a dedicated server have to do with how the hardware is used. Both VPSs and dedicated servers can be better or worse, and both options can be really fast platforms for your website.

At the same time, both a dedicated server and a VPS can have features such as automatic deletion of malicious software, annual security reviews, etc. In some packages, certain services are included free of charge, while in other cases, you have to pay a little extra for these. You therefore need to carefully look through the specific services offered by different web hosting companies.

Whether you choose a VPS or a dedicated server, it is understood that the larger and more powerful the hardware on the server, the faster your site could potentially be. Three components are more important than others when choosing a server: the processing power, the amount of work memory and the amount of available hard disk space. When you rent a dedicated server, you are the only user to access all the hardware on the server. If you rent a VPS instead, the server’s hardware can be used by several different users.

Then a VPS differs from a dedicated server

A virtual server (VPS) can be compared to a computer used by several users. Using a technology called virtualization, the resources of the computer are shared between the different users. For example, if the server has a 500 GB hard disk and 12 GB of RAM, and the server is shared by four, each user receives 125 GB of storage and 3 GB of work memory.

VPS is therefore a more economical alternative. If a web host can get multiple users to share on one and the same server, they can provide cheaper packages to them as the cost per customer is lower. Therefore, VPS is a much cheaper alternative than a dedicated server. A dedicated server often costs from about five hundred a month upwards, while a VPS can cost from one to five.

Dedicated servers, however, are generally considered safer than VPSs. The reason for this is that viruses can sometimes spread to all user accounts on the server, which means that your VPS may be affected by a virus due to another user’s VPS being infected by it. The same goes for web hosting with shared hosting – no chain is stronger than its weakest link.

Configuration and performance

Configuration is an aspect where dedicated servers really distinguish themselves from VPSs. Because you are the only user on the server, you have full control over it and can therefore basically do whatever you want with it. This means that (provided you have the required skills) you can configure your server to work optimally for the site you host on it.

Performance is an area that is closely related to configuration. If two servers are configured in the same way, the dedicated server always has an advantage over the VPS in terms of performance. The reason for this is that a dedicated server does not need to allocate resources to multiple users, as is the case for virtual servers (VPSs). If your site devours an incredible amount of resources, you will only be able to get the power you need from one or more dedicated servers.

Is a dedicated server the right choice for me?

For the vast majority of website owners, there are more affordable options than dedicated servers, while a dedicated server can be the best option for a few site owners. You can ask yourself two questions if you feel unsure what kind of hosting you need:

  • Does my website receive regular traffic that corresponds to more than 500,000 pageviews per month?
  • Do I need special hardware and / or software, and do I have the necessary knowledge to configure this?

If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes”, you should seriously consider renting a dedicated server. If, on the other hand, the answer to both questions is “no”, you should cope with a VPS or perhaps even shared hosting.

Summary of advantages and disadvantages

  • More expensive with a dedicated server, up to 1000% a month, compare with a web host.
  • Better performance.
  • Install whatever you want, you have served yourself completely.
  • Host only your own websites.
  • Easier addition of unique IP addresses.
  • Safer with dedicated server.
  • Set up backups that are taken when you wish.
  • Replace hardware that is old or for better performance.
  • Add extra things you need in web development.
  • Run Linux or Windows based, you choose for yourself.

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