Windows VPS Remote Desktop

What is Remote Desktop for Windows VPS?

Currently there are many people who bet to get a Windows VPS Remote Desktop. Its installation and configuration is very simple. However, it is important to remember that the administration of Linux or cheap windows vps remote desktop requires constancy. The maintenance of the servers is a task that needs constant vigilance to ensure that the system is stable and does not suffer any type of attack or overloading before a peak of traffic.


Windows VPS Remote Desktop hosting

The maintenance of Windows VPS Remote Desktop It must be done from the first moment they start to work. And is that, although at first it seems that maintenance is not a very relevant task, it is important to lay the foundations for the medium and long term, when the traffic is higher and the resources stored on the server are higher.

What should be taken into account in the Windows VPS Remote Desktop configuration?

Below we indicate some of the main aspects to assess when administering a particular Windows VPS Remote Desktop.


Although security (backup) may seem a very basic aspect when administering a server, there are many users who forget to put their information to safety. Therefore, developing and carrying out a backup strategy is a fundamental aspect. In this way, if any type of incident with the server occurs, the information is not lost.

There are certain technologies to develop a solid backup strategy, such as Tar or Rsync. You also have to pay special attention to the security of MySQL databases.

The points to consider when developing a security strategy in the administration of servers are the following. On the one hand, it must be updated periodically. On the other hand, it must take place in an external physical location where the server itself is located. And, on the other hand, you must include all the information.

Once the backup strategy is developed, it is essential to check that they do not occupy storage space. All activity logs generated by the server must be deleted automatically every so often.

Process monitoring

Another aspect to assess when establishing server administration is the monitoring of CPU loads, both in relation to the use of memory and the bandwidth used. An indispensable tip to detect any type of update or improvement in time.

In this way, you are aware of everything and, as soon as there is an amplification, perform it so that there will not be a time when the server will be saturated and unable to cope with user traffic. Thus, you prevent the server from falling before a peak of traffic and you are not aware of it until a user notifies you.

Strengthening the server

Another aspect that you should keep in mind in the administration of remote desktop windows vps is the strengthening of them. It is a very simple process but at the same time, essential. First of all you must carry out a detailed analysis of what processes are running on your server, as well as the ports you have open and if you have any tool capable of dealing with the vast majority of cyber-attacks. And, secondly, with all the information in your hand, bet on the best solutions in terms of security.

A tip to remember is that no system is able to guarantee the security of a remote desktop windows vps in an integral way, 100%. However, there are very advanced systems both technologically and technically that offer 99% protection.

Security updates

Cyber ​​attacks occur almost every day in any part of the world. Thus, computer security experts are developing new updates and security patches as they analyze new violations and find solutions for them.

Well, in the administration of remote desktop windows vpsis essential to be aware of all the news in terms of security. It is not uncommon for many system administrators to choose to ignore updates or security patches. Sometimes this attitude is given by simple ignorance of the importance it has.

A point that we recommend to review frequently because if you do not have the latest update or patch of the security system, you are leaving the hackers free access to your server.

Linux Server VS Windows Server

Currently, there are more servers with Linux as OS than Windows due to the wide range of advantages offered. The most outstanding feature of Linux versus Windows is that it is a much more stable operating system; Linux is capable of handling large amounts of processes better than Windows.

In addition, Microsoft acts more slowly before any security hole in Windows. All this without counting the flexibility offered by Linux against the Microsoft operating system.

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Servers

In Windows VPS Remote Desktop we can offer both unmanaged server as a managed server, both Linux and Mac. In both cases, we have a wide selection of plans that suit all kinds of tastes and needs. All the plans are scalable, so you can expand your resources according to the dimensions of your project.

In case of betting on a managed server, we take care of the administration of servers. We have a great team of professionals specialized in technical support that offer you a quality service. If you prefer an unmanaged Windows VPS Remote Desktop server, it is you who must perform the administration of Windows servers or Linux, depending on the operating system you have selected.

At Windows VPS Remote Desktop we use Dell or Supermicro servers with Intel Xeon processors, 256GB RAM and SSD drives in Raid 10. The latest technology in the market at your service. One of the main advantages of having our services is that we have a very complex technological architecture of our CPD, so that your server will always be available; we guarantee the maintenance of the server without falls.

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